The Unconventional Conventionalism of Pan Africanism

This is the essay which accompanies my presentation at the Reflecting Black Research Symposium.

Money Costs too Much.

The Struggle for Black Reparations. See “Black Finances” for sources and more in-depth information.


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White Man’s Religion

To be black and in love with Jesus. Often times, the recitation that “Christianity is a white man’s religion”, neigh, “is a white man’s law”, neigh “is the reason we are still oppressed.” is blasted from trumpets. The ideal that being a Christian means “serving a white man’s God” is sung into microphones, plastered on…

Boyz in the Hood (Black PTSD)

 Black man sits in his vehicle, his sweat bullets trickle, officer’s metal bullets whistle, and black man is left deceased.  The officer is released and black man’s family begins to mourn their loved one torn from their ménage . Officers ill-conceived frustration turned into an altercation versus a deescalation through the exchange of conversation. They…

Big Brands, Black Brands

“Gucci did what?” You buy from big brands, but not black ones. You invest in those which constantly invest in the dehumanization of your people but not in ones which advocate on your behalf. You refuse to buy from your friend’s company, because they “charge too much” but are willing to spend $450 on a…

I Know My Rights.

As a Black person living in these United States, it is imperative to know your legal entitlements.

The Threat That Is.

On the night of  July 16, 1949, a young couple, Norma and Willie Padgett, found themselves in a broken down car on a dead-end road near the outskirts of Groveland, Florida. As they struggled to start their vehicle, four black young men (Charles Greenlee, Walter Irvin, Samuel Shepherd and Ernest Thomas) would approach offering assistance…