In these “United” States of America, there is no unity and the only constant and unified state in which all Black citizens are made to live is one of fear; fear for our children…fear for our livelihood…fear that one day we too could be out for a jog and it ends with our name being ran in eulogies. Fear.

I often speak out about the atrocities committed against Black Bodies which we see everyday in our news media- the modern day lynching spectacles, the harassment of Black folks in parks, subways and diners, the brutality of police, the egregious humor of white children on tik tok, the lack of moral compass from a society built on the oppression and denigration of my people- and this time is no different.

I hesitated to watch the recently surfaced video of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, partially because I am tired of opening up social media to scroll and see Black men bleed time and time again. Partially because time and time again I have had to name drop Black bodies in order to showcase what Black America knows to be true- that this “justice” system is rooted in hypocrisy and continuously fails our ethnicity and race. Partially because I knew how it would end…and that is what bothered me the most.

I was going to write this piece and reiterate what I have said in previous posts- that there will come a day when White america is forced to stand on trial and is made accountable for the many afflictions imposed upon Black America, but there is no longer any waiting for that day. It is now, and we will no longer accept an indefinite moratorium on liberation. Black Bodies are not a threat nor a plaything only attaining meaning with stature, or a sports career. Its strange, isn’t it? That to White America, a Black man running is only synonymous to a threat when it isn’t putting capital into the pockets of a white corporation like the NFL…that a Black man driving a vehicle is only a menace when he is not a chauffeur to a wealthy white CEO, That a Black person hanging out in a park is only petrifying when we are not being made to hang from a tree. Strange…isn’t it.

Black skin does not equate a premonition for danger. It is not interchangeable with the word “violent.” nor “suspect”. It is not a justification for your malice…nor for your bigotry… nor for the brutal slaying of Ahmaud Arbery.

We demand REAL justice. We demand accountability.

To show support for this case (via @shaunking on Instagram):

-visit runwithmaud.com

-call 7708000689 to demand the arrest of the two men which carried out the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

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