Taking a Knee

First of all, stop disguising your racism as patriotism. Let’s be honest, it’s not about “disrespecting the flag” or  the veterans. You don’t actually care about either of those things. You just want people of color to remain silent about issues so that you don’t  have to acknowledge their presence. You want us to peacefully protest but when we do you say “no…not like that”. You want us to speak up so long as it does not gain traction. You’re okay with it- as long as you are able to choose how much of “it” is done, but what you fail to realize is that you can not regulate the desire for equality. You can only put chains on a person for so long before they begin to rust. As you’ve probably heard a million and one times, “We march. Y’all mad. We sit down. Y’all mad. We speak up. Y’all mad. We die. Y’all silent.”

Also, I am tired of this protest being white washed as a means for Trump’s constant need for press and attention.  Even as the president of the United States, he has the complex of a celebrity. It isn’t about him. It is about the system. It is about the system that constantly oppresses black people, the system that demonizes little colored boys, the system that allows the leader of our nation to call people “sons of bitches” on national television. Further more, Y’all don’t care about the anthem. The Dallas cowboys knelt before it, and stood as it played and were still met with backlash. The problem is that you are accustomed to black people having a slave mindset, so when you see us speak up for ourselves or try to change things, you get uncomfortable. You’re uncomfortable because “those accustomed to privilege view equality as oppression”. So, I say that to say this: Don’t take the knee if it’s just because of 3 of Trumps words. Don’t take the knee if you don’t stand behind black lives matter. This isn’t about football. This is about equality.  Take the knee if you want to change the prison industrial complex. Take the knee if you are tired of seeing black bodies lie in cold blood without so much as a fair trial. Take the knee if you’re against racism,  against oppression, against the system that allows these. “If your ‘resistance’ is based solely around Trump’s presidency, you lack an analysis of the ENTIRE system.” -Mateo (coordinator of PJD)

P.S. If you are more concerned with the disrespect of a flag than that of black bodies-check your privilege. Taking a knee doesn’t disrespect the flag, but here are some things that do. Considering that no one ever shows outrage to these, you don’t actually care about the flag. You care about keeping black people silent.

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