“Dear White People”

No.  You can not touch my hair, and how is knowing if it is real or not going to add to your life in any way? Yes, I’m aware of how “surprisingly soft” it is, and no, I don’t know how to answer “how does it do that?”. No, you don’t have an inner black woman. No, I don’t care if you have black friends, or if your boyfriend is mixed. No you can not say it, and you know damn well what “it” is.  Yes, that is cultural appropriation. No they are not mini twisty buns, they are Bantu knots. Yes, I am very articulate, what a nice microagression. I know you weren’t trying to be offensive-but you were being offensive.  “Not to sound racist, but”- stop talking. No, we will not go back to our country, because yes, we built this one. It is hate, not heritage. No. I thought I already told you, you cannot say it. If you only talk about your black friends when someone calls you racist, you’re racist.

“Dear White people”,

Stop telling us that we are “pretty for a black girl”, “pretty for a dark girl”, that we “can’t just be black. We just have to be mixed with something”. We are not beautiful in spite of our blackness, we are beautiful because of it. White people. Stop saying that you don’t see color. “Race is a basic ingredient that makes up our being, whether or not you consciously acknowledge its role in your life. Imagine being forced to suppress one such ingredient that you openly acknowledge and value.”- Imagine someone pretending not to see the very thing that affects you most.Dear white people, imagine  Tyre King being your son. Imagine having to name-drop a thirteen year old boy in order to make people understand. White people, understand that all lives include black ones. When I say black lives matter, do not negate the statement. Would you show up at a cancer walk screaming “all diseases matter?” Dear white people, yes it is about race because your ancestors made it that way.

White people- you don’t just get over slavery. You don’t just forget Jim crow. You don’t just ignore mass incarceration and police brutality.

White people-  Does this letter not make you uncomfortable? What about the black bodies lying in cold blood-do they?

White people- your silence in the face of oppression equals your consent for it to continue.

White. People. Acknowledge your privilege and use it to help people of color. Your black and brown friends will appreciate it.


A black girl

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