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  • What next?
    “ I won’t say that there exists an organized movement because we haven’t yet reached that point, but there’s a powerful foundation and people are ready for a movement” -Angela Davis It’s funny…as I finish writing this, I find myself in yet another state of mourning and I ask myself the question-what next?. I ask…
  • Stop asking me about peace.
    “I was attempting to point out that questions about the validity of violence should have been directed to those institutions that held and continue to hold a monopoly on violence: the police, the prisons, the military… Placing the question of violence at the forefront almost inevitably serves to obscure the issues that are at the…
  • “Black on Black crime”
    I am tired of the phrase “Black on Black crime” being thrown around on social media every time there is a conversation surrounding state violence. The term seems to be used most often in order to silence Black people when talking about issues with police being that as soon as we mention an instance of…